Maureen A. Maillet 

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Right Job, right boss, right boyfriend, but definitely the wrong time. The story of Kate Jones. 

When you are young you can afford to make mistakes. Kate Jones wonders if she has just made the biggest mistake in her life by coming to work for Harlynn Barrett and letting him kiss her. Her head is telling her no, but her heart says yes. 

"Delicious romance, page-turning intrigue, high-stakes conflict. The Peanut Butter Theory has it all! Maureen Maillet's exquisite characters attract and engage us with their fascinating and flawed ways, with their deeply human longings, their timeless quests. What a great read!" 
                                                                                                                          Christa Forster, writer, performer, and educator

"Maureen Maillet confronts timely issues in her new novel and engages the reader as her characters face throught-provoking challenges. The Peanut Butter Theory may be the best work yet for this fresh young author."                                                  ~ Michelle Leigh Smith